Rapid Patch 2k-Urethane & Instant Plastic Adhesives PLASTIC WELDERS for customer sales & worldwide distribution Rapid Patch Epoxy & Threadlock Kit Pricing TYPE 200plus THREAD LOK 16oz Kits / 550lbs/205litre Barrels How to Weld / Repair all Plastic's 1 888 697 7659 / 1 (306) 291-2920 Custom Build Welders/Tips & Wire Profiles $ 1/2 Price / Plastic Welding Playground Rod / Waterslide Wire 2 Part Dispencer Mixer Tools 1/8" U-Grind Pocket Bit a MUST FOR BOTTOM OUT WELDING CHEMICAL SALES: CORPORATIONS, DEALER, DISTRIBUTOR SALES, agents / Wholesale Chemical Sales Contact Robert (306) 291-2920 PLASTIC WELDING & REPAIR SERVICE (airless & air welding available) Plant 1 (306) 931-8805 Cell (306) 291-2920 Plastic Welding Rods, Flexible Wire, both stock & custom extrusion. We are also able to custom color plus size & for your exact

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Plastic Welders and

Have you got cracked, broken, or split plastic? Try our plastic welders to repair the job easily and effectively.  

Cyanoacrylate Glues

Do you need to glue broken
plastic back together? Our line of industrial Cyanoacrylates will
do the trick

Rapid Patch®
Epoxy Filler

Need an industrial grade adhesive filler for your automotive and industrial needs? Get Rapid Patch®.  

The keys to a good plastic repair:

What Kind of Plastic Do You Have?
Good Preparation is the Key
A Steady Hand on the Welder

The keys to gluing well:

The Right Adhesive for the Job
Careful! This Stuff is Sticky!

The keys to using Rapid Patch®:

Prepare the Surface
Choose the Right Adhesive Filler
Mix and Apply the Epoxy