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What Kind Of Plastic Do You Have?

For a successful plastic repair, you must know what type of plastic you have. Please see our Plastic Identification page to id your plastic, or call 1888 697 7659

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Plastic welding is the fusing of two pieces of plastic, using a welder and a plastic welding flexible wire/rigid rod.

Plastics are used increasingly for the manufacture of fuel/chemical tanks, floats and other items, and when they crack or break, they can often be repaired at a fraction of the cost for a new part.

Our plastic welders are easy to use and economical. Complete kits come with 8 x 10ft of fusion grade plastic welding wire. These kits can repair upto 80 feet of cracked or broken plastics.

Electics are UL, cUL approved<

DIY Plastic Tank Repair Kit LD35W- Only 20 left forever Retail Dealer Cost (12 x $30.00USD ea.) User Price $69.99 Special $59.99(USD)
MD40W-$84.99 Special Includes N/C Corner Weld Preheat V-Tip Reg $8.99 SALES AGENTS Call Robert for wholesale pricing

Our popular, do-it-yourself kit is good for all plastic tank repairs such as water tanks, spray tanks, fuel tanks, ATV and snowmobile hoods, etc*. In fact, it is appropriate for any polyethylene plastic repair. Kit include has 35 or 40 watt plastic welder, a wire brush, and a welder holder. Also included is 30 feet of FUSION GRADE PE Welding Wire (stronger than the original part). Perfect for the D-I-Y. (*Please note that polyethylene can only be welded for structural integrity. It can not be glue properly. All adhesives, glues, epoxies, etc., will eventually fail or breakdown on a polyethylene repair.)

MD40/45K New Model Handyman Plastic Welder Kit MD45W/MD45cti $124.99 (USD) with control MD45cti $189.99 sma as HD80cti Controller Call Robert for details

A versatile plastic repair kit, the MD45K watt plastic welder with stand and a wire brush. In addition, 10ft each of PE, PVC, ABS, TPU, and PP-T1 welding wire. The kit also includes easy to use instructions & illustration.

HD80cti Professional Plastic Welder Kit - $329.99 HD80cti UK/Euro Plastic Welder configuration $399.99(USD) Call Robert for details

This kit was made with the professional welder in mind, as well as those who demand the best quality fusion grade weld possible.

The kit includes includes way more items not listed here, unit is 80 watt, variable temperature control welder, welding stand, and wire brush. It also contains, 8 wires, 10ft each of PC, PE, TPO, PVC, ABS, TPU, PP-T1, PP-T2 welding wire.

To make a good weld, you need to "V" out the crack in the plastic. We have included a 1/4" die grinder with a bit to facilitate this operation. (You may order an variable electric die grinder/rotary tool & bit @ $15.00)

The kit also contains our plastic adhesive repair kit. This kit includes a 1oz bottle of our super cyanoacrylate plastic adhesive kit with primer/accelerator. Chemically welds most plastics in seconds. (Take care not to get this adhesive on your fingers. Bonds skin as well as plastic. Instantly!)

MD900VC Vari-Temp Controlled Welder Kit - Reg $229.99 (USD) Welder Only $129.99 c/w 30ft Fusion Grade Wire N/C Corner Weld Preheat V-Tip Reg $8.99 Call Robert For details

Ideal for bodyshops, AG tanks, RV, ATV, MotorCycle, SnowMobile, Canoes, etc. the MD900vtc plastic welder is a self contained, variable temperature controlled plastic welder.

This kit comes complete with a V-tip, die grinder, safety stand, tip brush, 10ft. each of 7 types of fusion grade welding wire, and the welder itself (with a temperature control upto 900F). Also included are safety glasses, 10 dust masks, plus complete 1oz CA/2oz accelerator, of instant cyanoacrylate adhesive kit.

*The HD1000cti welder comes with 3 tips (V-Tip, Oval Tip & Round Tip) can be sold seperately from the kit -$299.99 USD Custom Tips Also Available)

HD1000CTI Light Industrial Plastic Welder Kit Call Robert - NEW SPECIAL OFFER Reg User $599.99(USD) Everything Possible for complete repair (RAPID PATCH Fibre, Flexible, Rigid Composite Epoxy Adhesive Compound) Special Pricing for Military Use: (includes vet's, service number required).*

Ideal for more demanding use, the HD1000CTI kit (welds engineered plastic with ease) and comes complete with an Oval surfacing weld tip, plus a Corner Weld V cut tip (nickel plated copper alloy, both a mini air and a variable electric die grinder, plus V-grind bits, safety stand, tip brush, a 136 preheat tube cleaner, 15 ft of 8 types of fusion grade welding wire (also includes 15ft of structural PP-T3 & Lexan Polycarbonate welding wire. This kit now comes with a RAPID PATCH epoxy kit ($56.00) no charge! The welder itself, which controls heat from 75-840+ degrees Fahrenheit, acts as a heat sink). Ideal for thin to thicker substrates. Also included are safety glasses, 10 dust masks, and 1oz of instant cyanoacrylate adhesive plus 2oz activator plus much more. Other RAPID PATCH Rubberized Composite Epoxy Adhesives, available


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"Plastic Welding made Simple"

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How to Repair Plastic Using a Plastic Welder

  • Remove the damaged item for repair from cold, windy conditions.
  • Preclean the damaged areas with warm soapy water or mild solvent degreaser.
  • Rough sand, with 80 grit paper, the area of repair beyond 2.5" of the joint if the area is to be finished with adhesive fillers and color coated.
  • V-grind with rounded shoulders (better weld by welding down into the shoulders) the damaged area for repair and join parts with foil tape or with our Industrial Plastic Repair Adhesive, Product Number 2186i, which can also be used in conjunction with our Plastic Primer/Accelerator. If the plastic is difficult to bond, small holes can be drilled through the shoulders of the parts to be repaired for added adhesion.
  • Keep the area for repair as warm as possible. There are numurous way in which to repair all damaged plastics.
  • Preheat the welding gun for approximately 10-15 minutes to desired temperature before starting your welding process.
  • Insert your welding wire into the preheat tube and feed your wire in a steady motion, moving your applicator tip along your joint. After your plastic welding wire has been applied, smooth over your welded area in a circular motion to join and imbed your molten weld into the original substrate. Allow ample time for your weld to cure. Follow the same procedures on the reverse side of your repair if required or back with fibre reinforcement tape and one of our Rapid Patch adhesive compounds. If both sides are to be welded, Ieave a thin space between the two pieces to allow molten weld to join each other.
  • You are now ready to finish sand, starting with 150 grit paper, proceeding with either waterborne solvent or two part epoxy primers and your finishing color coat if required.

    Note: not all plastics are easily primed or color coated. Special preparations are required under these circumstances. Follow proper paint manufacturers procedures for plastics.

    Note: If the welder you choose is not heat controlled, you must take care not to burn your repair.

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