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Unilok® - for Outstanding Threadlock Adhesive Compound, for both on-shore & off-shore, from $26.99 with deep disounts Call Robert Decloedt for private label & contract packaging

Type 200 Threadlock Compound cross-linked, threadlock compound is a superior strength, thread compound with “Micro-Lok”, formulated for the locking of casing threads. This compound is used for locking the float equipment and casing joints on the bottom of the casing to prevent unscrewing of the threads during drill-out operations. This two-part compound provides superior strength and works in adverse temperature conditions. Used in both on-shore and off-shore drilling applications. Simply put, this is the most powerful and reliable, thread-locking adhesive ever made, worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of kits have sold in over 97 countries on 6 continents, from $26.99: Available for private label, distributorships, jobbers, private riggers, etc. North America * South America * Africa * Europe * Asia * Australia Other Products soon to be commercialized (Anaerobic Adhesives, High Performance Engineering Adhesives) such as:(Retaining Compounds, Threadlockers, Gasketing Compounds, Thread Sealants, Pre-Applied Threadlockers, Pipe Sealant


Watch for our new replacement for the old toxic API pipe dope, very low toxic pipe thread sealant. Please be patient! Coming on-line soon, superior quality assurance, with an ultra competitive price structure. Just a heads up! We are noticing, that some competitor's are calling their product Thread Lok ???. We have a 20+ year contract with a large manufacture of downstream equipment, whom we have authorized, allowing them to spell/call their product Type 200 Thread Lok / Thread Lok 200. When you are successful, many try to mimic the product. As you are well aware we manufacture this product in our own plant, not purchase from a contract packager.


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