We have been a proud member of the Better Business Bureau since 1997

Want To Do It Yourself?

Prefer to do it yourself? Check out our plastic welding kits.

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Get Your Plastics Repaired Easily and Efficiently

Having been in the plastic repair industry since 1978, we are fully capable of making repairs to your plastic equipment. If you have a plastic water or sprayer tank, dock, motorcycle fairing, ATV fender, or just about any other type of plastic that is cracked or broken, give us a call. We'll tell you whether it is worth fixing, or not, and give you an estimate on the repair cost.

Our shop rate is $60/85hr + materials, with a $40 minimum charge.

We don't repair automotive bumpers, but we will be happy to send you to someone who will. Also, if you are bringing something in, you need to make sure that it is clean. This is especially true of plastic sprayer tanks. We won't repair anything that is excessively dirty or contains hazardous chemicals.


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