Rapid Patch 2k-Urethane & Instant Plastic Adhesives PLASTIC WELDERS for customer sales & worldwide distribution Rapid Patch Epoxy & Threadlock Kit Pricing TYPE 200plus THREAD LOK 16oz Kits / 550lbs/205litre Barrels How to Weld / Repair all Plastic's 1 888 697 7659 / 1 (306) 291-2920 Custom Build Welders/Tips & Wire Profiles $ 1/2 Price / Plastic Welding Playground Rod / Waterslide Wire 2 Part Dispencer Mixer Tools 1/8" U-Grind Pocket Bit a MUST FOR BOTTOM OUT WELDING CHEMICAL SALES: CORPORATIONS, DEALER, DISTRIBUTOR SALES, agents / Wholesale Chemical Sales Contact Robert (306) 291-2920 PLASTIC WELDING & REPAIR SERVICE (airless & air welding available) Plant 1 (306) 931-8805 Cell (306) 291-2920 Plastic Welding Rods, Flexible Wire, both stock & custom extrusion. We are also able to custom color plus size & for your exact

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2 Part 50mL Adhesive Dispencer

Available in 50mL, 200mL & 400mL sizes in standard & pneumatic, plus static mixing spiral tubes & accessories! 1:1 Urethane Adhesive Cartridge $24.75 c/w 2 mixer tubes. Great for automotive plastic body panels, etc  Product Details...


Cyanoacrylate Plastic Adhesive Kit

NEW 2286i Industrial strength QwikStik Plastic Repair Adhesive c/w 1oz low/medium viscosity adhesive, 20mL Gel adhesive, plus 2oz Primer/Accelerator. Used to prime & accelerate cure. Without gel price is $24.99  Product Details...


Handyman Model MD-40 Plastic Weld-All PE-T6

Polyethylene WELD-ALL repair kit! Available @ CO-OP FCL Outlets, Peavey Mart Stores, Independent Hardware Stores, NAPA Outlets, TANK Resellers US/Can Distributorships/ Marine Stores/ Dealers/Hardware Stores/Ag Stores/RV Stores/ Fisheries  Product Details...


HD1000cti Industrial Duty & Waterpark/Playground

We will also pay the shipping throughout USA/Canada. SUPER DUTY WELD-ALL KIT! Welds up-to 1 1/2 inch. Micro Vari-Temp control. Weld-ALL Manufacturing.10 types of welding wire. Electric die grinder and pocket bit.  Product Details...


HD80cti Professional Plastic Welder Kit Superior Welds

Available through Forney Welding Supplies and Northwest Polymers, AG/AUTOBODY/ SPECIAL OFFER 120 volt Model HD80cti. Thousands sold, 1389 left. Comes with $49.00 electric die grinder and pocket $29.99 die grinder bit, plus 9 types of welding wire. AG/Bo  Product Details...

You Save: $30.00

HD80cti Professional Plastic Welders/Repair Kit Middle East/Euro

We are now producing this Model 230/250 volt, 50htz Model HD80cti for the Middle East, Europe & North Africa plus Asia. this kit is formulated to weld to every type of plastic. 10 types welding rod/wire works better then any other so called producer. We a  Product Details...

You Save: $100.00

MD900 SPORT WELDER ATV-RV-M/Cycles-S/Mobiles-Canoe/Kayak Tanks,e

Special offer welder offer and 2 wires @ $97.00 till Jan. 15/18. Do miss out. Robert Over 1000 available / Stand alone and comes with $75.00 of 10ft of each of 6 most popular welding wires. ATV-PE-T4, MP-PE-T6,PP,ABS, Lexan PC & TPO OUR wire works and do  Product Details...


MODEL Heavy-Duty 900cti Plastic Welder Kit

C/W 10ft of 6 types of FUSION GRADE welding wire (PE-T4 Snowmobiler/ATV/Marine, Grade, PE-T6 , ABS, PVC, PC, TPO Full-Duty Super-Cycle Micro Controller. No Joke!!!! Special thermal winding. You will be amazed at this units "Duty Cycle"  Product Details...


Plastic Welder MD-45 Handyman Plastic Repair Kit

NEW INTRODUCTARY ADDITION: HD45 HandyMan Repair Kit! Now comes with 40ft your choice welding wire.  Product Details...


RapidPatch® FLEX-All Purpose Epoxy

RapidPatch® All Purpose 2 x 1Lb Cartridges. Bulk pricing available. 10 Litre lined pails & 600lb. drums Bumper recycler pricing: Please call Robert!  Product Details...


RapidPatch® Flexible Epoxy

RapidPatch® Flexible Available in 2 x 1Lb Cartridge Kits (PartA (Resin Blend) + Part B (Hardener Blend) Bumper Recyclers: please call Robert for Bulk pricing. Also available in 2 x 1 Gal cans!  Product Details...

You Save: $12.00

RapidPatch® GP3 Liquid Rubberized Epoxy

RapidPatch® GP3 / RM400 General Purpose Liquid Rubberized Epoxy Adhesive Filler  Product Details...


RapidPatch® Rigid XL Epoxy

USED by the PROFESSIONALS Since 1983. This is our newest structural RIGID XL 100% cross-link epoxy adhesive. Used in mining, oilfields, AG., marine, fiberglass/composite, agricultural, applications. Endless uses, & tough. 48 sets per case.  Product Details...

You Save: $20.00

SKF 1/4" Die Grinder V-Grind & 1/8" SS Pocket Bits

SKF Carbide 1/4" 90 & 60 degree V-Grind bits, also HSS 1/8" U-Pocket V-Grind design. Ideal for bottom out welding. 1/4" @ $24.00 reg. $36.00 / 1/8" pocket bit @ $29.97 Fits air & electric tools. We wholesale many tools. Just ask  Product Details...


Type 200plus THREAD LOK Compound

Call for distributor pricing. Over 1.5 million kits sold. Available in 8oz & 16oz size kits. World renown Type 200plus newly friction tested on standard & tapered thread @ 14,600psi., Competitor's products tested @ 6,000 to 8,000psi same test standards. W  Product Details...


Ultra Pro Series II Hardener

Ultra Pro Series II Hardener Poly Sulfide Enhanced  Product Details...


Universal Series I Hardener

Universal Series I Standard Cure Ratio Hardener  Product Details...


Welder Model MD45

NEW Fusion grade. A must for thinwall welds. Childrens toys, plus welds even milk jugs. Use the MD40 for thicker than 1/8" repairs. These Kits c/w 10ft PE fusion wire. Fusion welds every PE polyethylene plastic product available.  Product Details...


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